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Take time to slow down, relax and connect with your baby in the fourth trimester, in a calm and nurturing enviroment. Learn baby massage and calming techniques, alongside gentle postnatal movement for mum in a weekly baby-led class where you will meet others at the same stage of their parenting journey

Tinies is a weekly baby massage class for the ‘fourth trimester’ mum and baby. A relaxed baby-led class where you will learn baby massage, baby yoga, gentle post natal movement and relaxation to aid calming and connection with your baby.

This class is a welcoming, low stimulus, supportive and relaxed space for you to bond with you baby, perfect for the developmental needs of the ‘Fourth Trimester’ baby and parent.

Babies in those first few months don’t need overly stimulating, Loud classes - they just need you - and this class focuses on nurturing your bond with your baby through positive touch, gentle songs and movement that also help your baby developmentally.

Tinies classes offer an hour of 1:1 time with your baby, a special carved out portion of your week just for baby and you to bond, massage, sing, laugh and relax together.

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Not only that, but the supportive circle of Tinies brings friendship, support, community and a space to share with each other, your own experiences, the highs and the lows of the The Fourth Trimester and this stage in your parenthood journey.

Classes are kept small to help you build friendships, and I create WhatsApp group chats for every class to allow these friendships to continue to grow outside the class too.

Tinies is suitable for babies aged 6 weeks to 5 months.

Classes are held at Errol Village Hall, just next to the Errol play park and with The Lass of Gowrie Cafe within walking distance if you fancy a coffee or lunch break after class. The Errol Village hall hosts a welcoming, weekly community baby and toddlers group on a Tuesday and a Thursday at 9.30-11am, as well as some other community, creative and family classes and events.  

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