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I'm Louise and I'm the owner at Tree of Life Perinatal. I'm a perinatal educator and I offer holistic Antenatal and baby classes, empowering and supporting your journey from pregnancy through to birth, baby and beyond. 


I offer a safe space for new parents and parents-to-be to find friends and help support each other - because I think it's so important to find 'your people' on this amazing and exciting transitional period of your life. As beautiful and amazing as it is bringing a new baby into the world it comes with change, transition and it's sometimes scary and sometimes overwhelming - That's why I'm here, to support you in this journey!


I am passionate about empowering and supporting families to feel confident and make informed choices to ultimately have a positive pregnancy, empowered birth and a supported, informed journey into parenthood.


You can join Tree of Life Perinatal at the start of your parenthood journey for continuous support or join us anywhere along the way to be welcomed by a supportive community of local families.

And a little about me...


I live in Errol with my beautifully wild family - My 3 children born in 2017, 2018 and 2023, my fiance, John and our cat Ophelia. My interest in the perinatal journey and my journey to becoming a perinatal educator really started to grow while I was pregnant with my second child. I went into my first birth completely blind, with no knowledge or expectations of birth and having a newborn, and ultimately felt out of control and really unsure of myself. So as a new mum, pregnant with my second child, a year after having my first,  I set out in search of the antenatal education I needed and found myself reading about Hypnobirthing and Active birth, which is what brought me to The Daisy Foundation. 

Skip forward a few more years after having a beautifully calm hospital Waterbirth with my son ( using all the tools for birth I learned through the Daisy Foundation ) and after being at home during lockdown,  I came across an advert to train as a perinatal educator with The Daisy Foundation. I resonated so much with the core values of the Daisy Foundation and the benefits of the classes that I chose to train with them, qualifying as a perinatal educator in 2021 and starting my own classes the same year. 

In April 2023 The Daisy Foundation decided to cease trading, just before I was due to start maternity leave to have 3rd child.  I had worked so hard at building up my business, classes and brand that I took this as a sign and an opportunity to turn the 'Daisy community' we had built over the past 2 years into my own. 

I always invisioned my own brand and business, so when Daisy closed its doors, Tree of Life Perinatal was born, and now I get to bring it to life while I, too, journey through early parenthood with my own baby again.

Community, connection, and support are at the heart of what and why I do what I do. I believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and at Tree of Life Perinatal, I aim to help you find yours!

What does Perinatal mean?

Perinatal is simply the period of time when you become pregnant and up to a year after giving birth. My classes and workshops cover this entire period meaning I can continue to support you and your family from pregnancy to birth and beyond


Daisy Foundation: Independent Perinatal Educator Certification (500 hours) Fedant Approved

Breast/Chest Feeding Peer Supporter

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